Get the latest hair trends from Tokyo

The story of 76Style

Tokyo is the street fashion capital of the world, making it a perfect conduit for transmitting fashion trends to the rest of Asia. Numbers have no language, and are truly universal, that’s why 76 is our code number to spread these trends to the rest of Asia. Just as the image of 76 transcends all languages, our fashion sense will transcend the world.

At 76Style, we’re broadcasting the Tokyo street fashion to you, and to the rest of the world.

Stylist of the month

Guchi - Director Stylist


Expert in color design and his unique Japanese approach set him aparts from others, Guchi is now in 76STYLE Hair Salon Kuala Lumpur. “Since Malaysian in favours to hair color, choosing a highlights that match your skin tone would be a color variation that compliment personal style.” he suggested. Now, with latest trend from Osaka Our new Director Stylist Sakaguchi will offer you styles that created by cutting edge technique.



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