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Hair Tips Vol 16~ How to style men’s short hair

Most of Malaysian’s men prefer hairstyles which do not require hair styling, as they tend to think it’s a hassle to style the hair everyday which take a lot of time and effort to do so. Actually it’s not!

In fact, styling plays an important role in creating a different look! Here is a sample of men’s short “mess-up” or “spike up” hairstyle after styling. You can do it within 10 minutes only.

Styling tip:

  • Make sure you blow dry your hair instead of letting it air dry.
  • Grab some (10 cents size) hard hair wax & rub it on your palm to spread evenly.
  • Rub the wax on your hair & run your fingers through the hair, use both of your palms to “mess up” the hair to create the spike up look  (as shown in the picture below)

With styling, men’s short hairstyle does not have to be boring anymore!

Weekly hair tips Vol 15~ Styling for men’s permed hair!

In Japan, permed hair is very popular among the gentlemen too! It doesn’t only give you volume but also a stylish & different look instead of the normal plain straight hair.

Here are some permed hairstyles (with colors) for men! It enhances the individual’s features and overall look, isn’t it?

Most of the Malaysian gentlemen would think that it is a hassle or difficult to style your hair especially after perming. But no… it’s actually just as easy as touching your hair with your fingers!

Styling tip:

  • Mixed soft wax with hair gel and rub them on your palms to mix evenly
  • Crunch your hair (only from middle to ends, please avoid touching your scalp) with both your palms to create more obvious waves at the ends

Hair care tips for permed hair

  • Make sure the roots are dry, that’s an essential factor for creating volume!

Weekly hair tips Vol 14- Get Wavy Hair Overnight Without Heat!

Want to have a change in everyday hairstyle but too lazy to make an effort use curling iron or straightener? Here is a super easy tip for those of you who are lazy yet wanna look good! :D

Step 1: Separate your hair into two parts

Step 2: Do a loose braid for each part of your hair

Step 3: Get your beauty sleep!

Step 4: When you wake up in the morning, untie your hair & “mess up” your hair to loosen the waves by running your fingers through hair or shake out!

Step 5: Apply some soft wax on your palms and scrunch your hair to make the waves look more obvious!

The above tips may work differently on individual, it is for reference only.

Weekly hair tips Vol 13~ Getting Perfect Hair Parting!

How do you usually change your hair parting? Having the same parting for years and the most irritating part is the thin patch has started to appear!

We have a simple way which may help you in getting a nice hair parting!

  • For example, if your hair parting is on the left side, use a dryer with medium hot air to blow your wet hair from right to left. Ensure it is 100% dry. Blow from the opposite direction of your original parting.

P.S. It’s easier to restyle your hair when it is wet!

  • Then, blow from your original parting direction. So if your original parting is left side, blow from left to right without parting your hair, make sure it is also 100% dry.
  • Blow your hair (fringe/ front part) with cold air in downward direction for 3 seconds.
  • Use a comb to comb your hair (fringe/ front part) downward.
  • Finally, you may start parting your hair according to your preference.

Now, with the above steps, you can change your parting easily whenever you feel like it!

Weekly hair tips~ Vol 12: How to Style your hair after perming?

No idea on how to style your hair after perming? How to get the curls back after washing my hair? Do I let it dry without doing anything?

Here is a small little tip that may help you to get some nice curls (for those who had a digital permed or body permed hair)!

  • After hair wash, use a hair dryer to dry your wet hair until it is 70-80% dry.
  • Apply some treatment oil and mix it with soft wax on your hair (only from middle section until hair ends)
  • Then, separate your hair into two sections (from center)
  • Twist one section of your hair and make a bun.
  • Use a hair clip to clip the bun and make it stay.
  • Dry your bun using hair dryer with medium hot air. Blow it for about 2 to 3 minutes.
  • Ensure your hair is 100% dry
  • Allow the heat to cool off and let down your hair!
  • Repeat the same for another section.

Finally! The curls are formed! This is an easier and convenient way to style your permed hair.

This tip is applicable to medium & long hair length!

The above tips may work differently on individual, it is for reference only.

Weekly hair tips~ Vol 11: Detangling long hair

For those of you who have long hair, tangled hair is always a big headache whenever we wash our hair, especially when applying hair conditioner. Running your fingers through hair may hurt if your hair is tangled.

There is a small little tip that may help you to avoid hair fall (at least it is lesser than running fingers through hair) and of course to avoid the painful moment when your fingers get stuck in between the tangled hairs.

  • Fill up a pail with water and mix it with conditioner.
  • Soak your hair (from middle to end) into the water (with mixture of conditioner) for about 1 minute. You will notice that your hair will detangle itself when you soak them into the water.
  • Then, rinse your hair with water to wash off the conditioner

Let’s try it out and let us know is this useful for you! :)

The above tips may work differently on individual, it is for reference only.

Weekly Hair tips ~ Vol 10: Conditioning your hair at home

Moisture is essential to your hair. It is very important to give your hair the right kind of care  to recover & protect them from damages caused by exposing to sunlight in everyday life and chemical services, such as perming, coloring or bleaching.

Beside the hair treatment service at the salons, home care is something that you have to pun in effort to keep your hair stay healthy and shiny.

A few simple tips on how to condition your hair at home,

  • Apply conditioner only from mid length to hair ends after shampoo-ing your hair.
  • Massage and rub your hair gently & run fingers through your hair to ensure all hairs are coated with conditioner.
  • Please avoid scalp when applying hair conditioner as it will cause oily scalp
  • Allow time for hair to absorb the essence of the conditioner. Leave the conditioner on your hair for about 5 minutes before rinse off.
  • Make sure you wash off all of the conditioner from your hair.

Conditioning helps to make your hair softer too!

Weekly Hair tips ~Vol 10: Enhance & Volumise Layers!

Just got a layered haircut at the salon but hair looks flat & the layer is not showing after washing your wash the next day? No worries, there is a very simple way to enhance and volumise your layers to make them look more obvious. You can even do it at home. Of course, a little effort must be put in if you want to look pretty! Learn  up the simple steps!

Front view

Side view

Back view

  1. Separate your hair into 2 layers for back hair and both sides of your hair.
  2. Clip the layers with hair clips to hold it.
  3. Use the biggest size curl iron to create the curls, starting from the lowest layer and to the top.
  4. Repeat the curling step for back, both sides.
  5. Once you’re done with the curling, run your fingers through the curls & pull them slightly downwards to straighten the curls for a bit and also to make the curls look fluffy.

With some wavy hair ends, the volume of your layers are increased instantly!

For a volume short bangs (if you’re having short bangs like the model, you can either do it using a straightening iron or if you’re someone who doesn’t like fuzzy task, check out our previous tips on creating volume bangs.

Weekly Hair tips ~ Vol 9: Bangs/ Fringe

Sick and tired of having flat bang? Here are a simple steps to create volume to your bangs.

Before ~ Flat bangs

Step 1:

Wet your bangs if your hair is in dry condition (as it is difficult to change the style if your hair is in dry condition). Then dry it with a blower. Make sure you dry it from the roots and position your blower downwards. Pull your bangs to the front as you’re blowing.

Step 2:

Use a magic roller to roll your bangs to create volume. You may need more than 1 if you have thicker bangs or wider forehead to achieve the best result. If you are in a hurry, you may use a dryer to create the shape in a shorter time. Otherwise, you can just put on the roller and leave it while you’re applying your make-up or do some chores.

After- Volume bangs

Once you’re done with your make-up, you may remove the roller and tidy up your bangs with your fingers and there you go! Volume bangs in just 5 minutes!

Weekly Hair tips ~ Vol 8: Hair styling for long hair

Get bore with your long straight hair but do not wish to have a permanent curly hair? Wanna have a simple hairdo to go on a date with your love one or attending a dinner? All you need is just hair clip and a curling thong!

Front view

Side view

Back view

Here are some easy & simple steps to guide you.

  1. Separate your hair into 4 layers for back hair and 3 layers for both sides of your hair.
  2. Clip the layers with hair clips to hold it.
  3. Use a small size curl iron to create the curls, starting from the lowest layer and to the top.
  4. Repeat the curling step for back, both sides.
  5. Repeat the same for your long fringe. But create loose curls instead.
  6. Once you’re done with the curling, spray some hair spray on your whole head in order to sustain the curls. And finally slightly loosen your curls by running your fingers through your hair to give some volume.

Tips: Strong curls for the top part and loose curls for the lower part to get the sexy look & wild look!