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Tokyo Harajuku Street Style!

This is the first official collaboration between number76 hair salon and Mina Malaysia on the 76 hair page. It is for the Spring March issue.

Introducing fluffy voluminous wavy hair for both short and long length hair styles to Malaysia young people. Please try the perming service to achieve the looks! Perm service is available at our salon. Digital perm at RM400 and normal cold perm at RM200.

Short hairstyle (Model: Amanda Lim)

  • Natural curls create volume to the model’s hair and create a stylish/ cool look.
  • The highlights with beige ash color is a good taste for Spring color. This color helps the model’s skin tone look more radiant.

Long hairstyle (Model: Shuyn Wong)

  • Dark violet brown color suits the model skin tone, it makes her look fairer.
  • The wavy curls help to change your face shape, the face would look smaller.
  • This style is the in trend now and is suitable for most of the ladies in Malaysia

Makeup by: Kim (Bangsar 1) & Hama

Hairdo by: Amy (Bangsar 2), Steve (Mid Valley) & Hama

Special thanks to our beautiful models, Amanda Lim and Shuyn Wong. And Outfit coordinate specially by

Lonely Dream

Lot 11, No. 39 & 41 Jalan Telawi 3,

Bangsar Baru, 59100, Kuala Lumpur

Tel: 03 22016973

Instagram: @Lonelydreamstore

Here are some other makeup and hairdo works done by our number76 stylist team for Mina beauty and fashion content as well.

Fresh and simple sweet look with a touch of light green eye shadow and darker green shade for eyeliner to give the model’s features a 3D look.

The girl next door hairstyle with simple braiding on the side!

Thin layer of pinky lip gloss for a fuller lip to enhance the feminine side of you! An all-up tall high poney tails to add some cheeky cute sense to the overall style!

On a separate note, number76 stylist team have the privilege of being part of the panel judges for the Cite Beauty Award 2014! They are to review and evaluate up to thousands beauty brands including hair and makeup products and share their review with the readers, so that they can have some reference when it comes to picking beauty or hair products in the market.

The number76 stylist team consist of Hama, Yoshi, Steve, Hikky, Sato, Kim and Shaun.

Go grab a copy of the Mina Malaysia March issue (it is in Chinese language) for more hairdo and makeup tips!

Hairdo & Make-up for Citta Bella magazine Shooting

Our Director stylist-Hikky(Mont Kiara branch) was participated Citta Bella Magazine March issue shooting for Hairdo and make-up.

At the sessions those Hikky participated, she tried to bringing out the character and the aura from each of the interviewee through her hairdo and make-up(co-operate with Chufan).

“Women of substance” (pg108~111)
Hairdo & Make up/ Hikky

Hairdo/ Hikky, Make up/ Chufan

“Bella Men” (Pg250~252)
Hairdo & Make up/ Hikky

Hairdo & Make up/ Hikky

Hairdo/ Hikky, Make up/ Chufan

Hair Makeover for CNY

number76 has the privilege to be invited to do a hair makeover and to be featured in Mina Malaysia magazine, which is a Japanese fashion magazine in Chinese content.

For this Chinese New Year, red and purple shades are very popular! As you can see in the article, the transformation including the new color. The reddish purple gives her a fairer and healthier skin tone and stylist who is in charge, Amy (based in Bangsar 2 branch) enhanced the model’s sweet feminine look by chopping off her long fringe and gave her bangs. The model looks so different with her new sweetie look now.

Hairstyle by Amy, Bangsar 2 branch
Makeup by Kim, Bangsar 1 branch

Bangs are highly recommended for girls with high forehead.

Some snap shots of the models’ hairstyle and makeup styles done by our stylist team for Mina fashion spread content.

Hairstyle by: Hama, Amy
Makeup by: Hama, Kim

What’s Your Winter Season Color?

We say Snow and Macaron Christmas color is the Winter Season color!!! :)

This time around the main star is the hair extension! Do you know that you can play with color highlights without bleaching all the time by just using hair extension?

Yuth- Grey beige base with soft pink highlights

Front view

Side view

Grey beige base with mixture of soft pink highlights created by using hair extensions. Grey beige makes her skin tone looks fairer. The grey color gives you a COOL look but with mixture of some pink highlights help to neutralize the cool style by giving a cute element to it.

Shio Yee- Red shades with baby pink highlights

Front view

Side view

Red shades are suitable for dark skin tone. Baby pink highlights around her face line help to lighten her skin tone and makes her looks fairer.

Hairstyle and color by – Hikky, Mont Kiara branch & Yoshi, Bangsar 1 branch

Special thanks to our model, Yuth and Shio Yee!

Special thank you to makeup artist, Chufan and also our outfit and earrings sponsor, Lonely Dream Boutique at Telawi Square, Bangsar.

Hair Arrangement for Vivi & Mina Malaysia

Have you checked out the October issue of Vivi magazine? The model for this issue is our cheerful sunshine Bobo who is also number76′s super regular customer!

Most of you would know she has short hair. Do you know that you can also change some simple style with medium short hair? For example this, half up with some volume!

Model: Bobo
Makeup: Kim, Bangsar/ Mid Valley branch
Hairdo: Hikky, Mont Kiara branch

And also Kai Ying, frequently appeared on Vivi Malaysia magazine and she also happens to be our regular customer as well. :) Since this page is for Anna Sui cosmetic, we gave Kai Ying a romantic curls and enhanced the look with matching color (Purple) flowers to create the elegant yet romantic style!

Hairdo: Hikky, Mont Kiara branch

Hairdo: Hikky, Mont Kiara branch & Yoshi, Bangsar branch

Maple Autumn Color ~ Change Color Like Change Fashion

As autumn is approaching, the hair color trend has changed to darker shades! Who said dark shades can’t have a fun twist?

number76 is giving you some ideas on how to do so by presenting it to you on Jane and Nana. Special thanks to them for working with number76 on this!

Nana is having Autumn maple color. Dark red with orange red gradation!

Jane is having green-ish grey with yellow highlights. A matte base with bleached highlights!

Both haircut are done by Yoshi and Color are done by Hikky!

Special thanks to “Lonely Dream” for sponsoring the tank top (wearing by models) Jane’s denim shirt- stylist’s own

Lot 12, 2nd Floor, Telawi Square, No.39&41 Jalan Telawi 3,

Bangsar Baru, 59100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Love to have these colors but worried about getting your hair damage? number76 is introducing you a new hair treatment service, Luminogenic Shiseido Treatment- the most advance treatment for colored hair! It helps to retain your salon colored hair for a longer period and also helps to give moisture to your hair after going through the chemical service.

How much is the price? It is at RM158, special promotion price for September month only! Normal price is at RM220. Please check out our previous blog post for more information about this new amazing treatment service. Luminogenic Treatment

Enjoy changing color by seasons? You don’t need a color specialist to do it for you now. number76 is here for you to provide the best advice and ideas which suit you. Let us take great care of your precious hair!

Currently this treatment is only available at Mont Kiara branch. Please call us at 0362035111 for booking and more info.

For other branches, please check out other treatment services (also on promotion) for Bangsar and Mid Valley branches here.

Hairdo & Hair Review featuring in Fashion Magazine

For the August issue of Vivi Malaysia magazine, we have a group of Asia Muse Finalists with all the young pretty ladies! Indoor shooting was done at a a nicely decorated furniture show room. Here is the preview of each of the finalists with their hair arrangement done by number76 hair stylist, Hikky (Mont Kiara), Steve (Mid Valley), Victor (Bangsar) & Jeddy (Mont Kiara).

For more close up picture, you may check out the August issue! :)

Besides, number76 stylists had also done a hair review or more like a hair make-over for Mina Malaysia and it is featured in August issue.

Shaun (Mid Valley) chose lavender ash for the model to give her hair more volume and brighten her skin tone. And topped up some romantic curls for a girl-ish look! The model’s hair is shinier after going through the Sparkling scalp experience hair wash process.

As for Victor (Bangsar), he shortened the model’s medium hair length to super short bob!! And gave her a very cool grey and dark cold blue color to create a very edgy and stylish look!

Both models’ make-up are done by Kim, Make-up Stylist (Bangsar/ Mid Valley)

*Shooting background: number76 Bangsar branch interior

Harper’s BAZAAR Hair Award 2013!

Congratulations to two of our Style Directors for making up to the TOP 10 Hair Experts of Harper’s BAZAAR Hair Award 2013!

Amy (at Bangsar branch) & Steve (at Mid Valley branch) are being featured in the August issue. Take a look at what they have to say and what people are saying about them! :D

Two of the young, passionate & talented hair stylists at number76! Being raised and grew up together with the brand! Beside, we also have a pool of passionate and talented stylists, check out our Instagram for their work piece at @number76style

Mont Kiara- Sato, Hikky (Directors) & Jeddy (Senior Stylist)

Mid Valley- Steve, Odera (Directors) & Shaun (Senior Stylist)

Bangsar- Yoshi (Senior Director), Amy (Director) & Victor (Senior Stylist) + Kim (Make-up Stylist)

Up-close glimpse of Sato’s life in Malaysia!

One of our stylist, Sato (Mont Kiara branch) is being featured in the Smart Info Chinese magazine for August issue! The expatriates who stay in Malaysia!

For those who doesn’t read Chinese, here is a brief summary about the interview. :)

Basically, the interview is nothing related to his job but more of his personal life in Malaysia. :D He loves eating Mamak food, Roti Canai (has to be cheese flavor, we must add!) is on the top of the list and he eats Nasi Lemak for breakfast almost every morning (yet still looking slim!). As a Japanese, he is being brought up to use chopstick when eating, but he finds it very interesting to see Malaysians use hand to eat and it taste better when using hand to eat Roti Cheese!! To our surprise, he hasn’t tried out Char Koay Teow yet, after staying in Malaysia for almost a year. We must bring him to Penang to try out the best Penang Char Koay Teow one of these days!

When he is not working, he usually hang out at Bukit Bintang area, so you don’t feel surprise if you bump into someone in boots & t-shirt on the street at Bukit Bintang area!

Do you know that your good looking stylist is at the age of 31 year-old only?

Come look for him for hairdo service at Mont Kiara branch! For booking, please call us at 0362035111/ 4111. Beside the Japanese directors (Hikky and Sato himself), we also have a local professional stylist, Jeddy available, if you prefer someone who can speak Chinese. :)

Hope to see you guys there. Enjoy your long weekend holidays!

number76′s Summer Color X Manic Panic!

When it comes to summer outfits, you would always go for bright and happy colors! And same goes to hair color, in this summer, number76 is introducing some exciting color combinations in Vivi June issue!

In this summer color collection, we have two fashion forward ladies (just so you know, there are number76′s regulars too! :D ), Cherry and Orange! Yes, they both have very unique and happy names! :)

First look ~ Unicorn color, color & haircut by Hikky

Cherry’s color recipe~ blonde with free hand combination of blue & violet, virgin snow & soft purple tips

Originally created by Hikky of number76 and you can only get this at number76! Suitable for crazy colors freaks! Do remember to wear make-up with this hair color to enhance the whole fahsionista look!!

Side view of the unicorn colors

Here is how the back view looks like. See how perfect and natural the whole combination of colors is? Contrast of colors but perfectly blend with each other.

Second look ~ Earth Matt Brown, color by Hikky, haircut by Yoshi

Orange’s color recipe~ Earthy matt brown base with green-ish highlights  

If you prefer brown shades, why not go for matt series instead? Add some spice to the boring brown shade by throwing in some green earthy highlights.

Side view of the hairstyle. Give your hair tip some curls by using curling iron or add some wax to crunch your hair ends to create some curls and volume for a better finish look!

Back view of Orange’s hairstyle.

Make-up by Hikky and Kim, number76.

Model’s hair color are done using Manic Panic hair color products, which will be introducing at number76 outlets.

  • A conditioning semi-permanent hair color fortified with an herbal and protein complex
  • Made with vegan ingredients
  • Ammonia & peroxide free
  • Gentle to hair & contain no animal by- products
  • Made in USA, New York (heart by many Hollywood celebrities)

Model’s outfits are sponsored by

“Lonely Dream”


Lot 12, 2nd Floor, Telawi Square, No.39&41 Jalan Telawi 3,

Bangsar Baru, 59100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Yes, they are situated right next to our Bangsar branch, just so you know, our stylists love their clothing too! Try and observe our stylist’s outfits when you visit us for hairdo! The outfit collections are mostly designed by the owner of the shop and each design only has one piece.