As many of you may recalled, there was a terrible earthquake which happened Mar 11, 2011 in Japan.
There are many victims who are still struggling with to rebuilt their home and their lost of family members.

KAMAISHI was one of the places in Japan which is heavily damaged during the disaster happened. To show your support to the victims in KAMAISHI, we urge all of you to join us with KAMAISHI Support Project to do a simple gesture~
Hold this message board & take a picture with a smile or any of your “Gambaro” pose!

number76 will be supporting this by randomly asking our valued members/ customers who visit us during these few days to support this charity event by doing the above simple gesture! For those of who read this and plan to visit us before 11 Mar 2013, you may also volunteer yourself to show your warm gesture to them!

Here is the Facebook link about the info & photos shared by all the supporters!

All the photos taken will be delivered to KAMASHI Support Project for cheering up the victims!
Thank you for your kind & warm support!

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