Meet Hiro

Senior Style Director at 76STYLE Lot 10

Award winning stylist Hiro, extensive editorial experience and known for hairstyle transformation that highlight the beauty of individual with 14 Years of experience in the industry. He is the newly appointed Senior Style Director of 76STYLE Lot 10, originally from Yokohama, Japan.

Award & Acclaim

  • 2013, United Danks Image Award, 2ND PLACE
  • 2013, Peek a boo         伊藤秀彦赏  受赏
  • 2013, Afloat XEL-HA     金子史赏  受赏
  • 2008, Hair Care Meister Primary Certificate
  • 2006, Global Beauty Congress, REGIONAL AWARD WINNER


Hiroi currently based in 76STYLE Lot 10 since 27 October 2016.

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